Can watching foreign language films help improve my fluency for GSCE?

Updated: May 6

The answer to that question is most definitely a yes! Watching an original language film with subtitles is an ideal platform for language learners of all abilities.

How does it work?

If you’re watching a film from home (as opposed to a cinema) with subtitles, you can take advantage of the ability to rewind and replay to learn and really improve your vocabulary. It’s a fantastic way to learn colloquialisms and common expressions.

My recommendations

Here is a selection of fantastic films that we recommend, and really hope you’ll enjoy watching whilst you learn. The lists below are aimed at GSCE level and many of these films are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

French Films

  • La Gloire de Mon Pere – My Father’s Glory

  • Le Chateau De Ma Mere – My Mother’s Castle

  • Les Choristes – The Chorus

  • Jour De Fete – The Big Day

  • Le Roi Et L'Oiseau – The King and the Mockingbird

  • Amelie (Intermediate)

  • Hors De Prix (Intermediate) – Priceless

  • Taxi (Intermediate)

  • Asterix Et Obeliz: Mission Cleopatre (Intermediate)

  • Intouchables (Intermediate/Advanced)

  • Les Aventures De Tintin (Beginner/Intermediate) – The Adventures of Tintin

  • Un Gars, Une Fille (Advanced) – this is a popular French TV series

  • Jean De Florette

  • Manon Des Sources

  • Cyrano De Bergerac

  • Mon Pere est Femme de Menage (easy/intermediate) – My Father is a Cleaning Lady

German Films

  • 3 Tuerken und ein Baby (Intermediate/advanced) - Three Turks and a Baby

  • Goodbye Lenin (all levels) – Amazon Prime

  • Das Leben der Anderen (intermediate/advanced) - The Lives of Others - Amazon Prime

  • Der Untergang (intermediate/advanced) - Downfall - nominated for Best Foreign Language film 2005.

If you are looking for extra help with your French or German GSCE revision, why not try one of The Language Cabin's group revision days. We hold them in the Easter holidays and the October and May half term holidays. Check out our events page for the next dates.

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