I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful students over the years. Here are just a few of the lovely things they have shared about their experience with The Language Cabin. 

GCSE student one to one tutoring

Great Motivation

The lessons are really good fun and I learn new things every week.  Justine really adapts the lesson to whatever I need to work on. If I don’t understand something in class, she explains it in a way that makes sense.  She motivates me to do well and is a great teacher.

Tutor and Student

A Wonderful Tutor!

Justine has helped both of my sons with their German GCSE preparation.  She works at their pace and is always very encouraging, and the sessions were effective at boosting their learning: my eldest attained an A* - fingers crossed for our younger son's GCSE's this summer!

Online Tutoring

A Grades

Having always struggled with languages, I am very grateful to Justine for helping me, through fun and interactive tutoring sessions, to achieve an A in my German GCSE - something I never thought I could have done!

One to one language tutoring

A Real Boost

Justine helped me with both my French and German GCSEs. She is a wonderful tutor and her approachable manner made the sessions really enjoyable. The speaking practise boosted my confidence in my exams. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Justine.  

Studious Child

A Tailored Approach

My daughter was finding German tricky. In response, Justine tailored lessons to the areas where my daughter most needed help, preparing her for tests and exams with structured revision plans. My daughter gained confidence in her speaking skills and grammar and her efforts were reflected in her grade 7 results. Justine’s lessons were friendly and well organised. 

TEFL learning

TEFL Feedback

Justine did a fantastic job on the TEFL course and demonstrated a real flair for EFL teaching. Her lesson plans were really well thought out, and clearly and confidently presented. She made excellent use of resources and has a warm and engaging teaching style.

German Tutoring Services

Greater Confidence

I really enjoyed my German lessons with Justine! I had previously tried a large language school but didn't get on with it. Justine explains the grammar clearly, set and marked appropriate exercises and was strict on the pronunciation, helping me to build my confidence in German conversation. 

German GCSE tutoring

Effective Strategies

Our daughter benefitted hugely from Justine's German tutoring. Lockdown had a significant negative impact on her language learning and Justine very quickly identified the issues and developed highly effective strategies to help. Justine is engaging and supportive and our daughter thoroughly enjoys her sessions. 

The Language Cabin tutoring

Exceeded Expectation

My eldest was struggling with her French GCSE studies so we chose a one to one tutor to help. Justine came highly recommended and luckily had space. The individual tuition and 'no pressure' atmosphere gave my daughter such confidence in her abilities and she exceeded all expectations in her GCSEs.  

Online tutoring

A Focus on Results

Justine really helped my confidence in speaking German. She created a calm and encouraging environment for me to work in, helped me understand what I needed to work on, and went over topics repeatedly until I understood them, explaining techniques and tenses in depth. We continually improved my range of vocabulary and greatly improved my pronunciation. Thank you Justine!

Language student having fun

Online Success!

Justine has been tutoring my daughter, Olivia, with her German for the past year. Face-to-face sessions moved online but because Justine had quickly established a great working relationship with Olivia, this had no impact on how effective the sessions were. Justine really helped take Olivia’s enjoyment of German to the next level and this was reflected in her achieving a top GCSE grade and choosing to study German at A-level.  

One to one language tutoring

Engaging and Informative

Justine is a fantastic tutor, she always makes the sessions enjoyable and can tackle any language related question thrown at her! Justine sees that the key to a good session is to find a balance between hard work and encouraging a love for speaking and engaging in a foreign culture. We have informative discussions and she tailors the sessions to my particular preference that week. She has helped further my love for German! Would highly recommend.