Why choose The Language Cabin?

Updated: May 6

You've decided you'd like to engage with a language tutor.. why should you choose tutoring with The Language Cabin?

Get the results you deserve.

When you start on your journey with The Language Cabin, we’ll begin with a telephone, email or face-to-face consultation to discuss your language needs. This is so that both parties can be clear on goal setting, with a real focus on the success criteria you are looking for. You might be looking to step up a few grades at GCSE, work towards a promotion, or feel more confident ordering your steak cooked to perfection on holiday – the techniques we use for each will be different, but we’ll always focus on your outcomes and have some fun along the way!

Engage with a tutor who is passionate about languages

I love languages and I love teaching my students. I’ve been studying and teaching languages for many years and have some great qualifications. But I bring more than this to my teaching, taking it beyond the written or spoken word to educate my students about international culture, history, geography and food. My revision days feature a traditional French or German lunch and I share my local knowledge of these countries along the way, an aspect of learning my students seem to love.

The most fun you can have at your desk!

Learning a language should never be dull. There are so many ways to keep your learning enjoyable. It’s like cracking a code that will unlock another world! I have tried and tested all of my teaching techniques on my own boys. Boys can sometimes be a challenge to keep engaged, and I have learnt all the tricks of the trade over the years to use during our tutoring sessions. And I can recommend apps, films, books, websites, magazines, puzzles and games for you to use in your free time to help keep you interested in your learning every step of the way.

Get in touch now to find out about face-to-face and online tutoring at The Language Cabin.


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