5 great reasons why you should hire a tutor

Updated: May 6

Learning a language takes practise and perseverance – your motivation to learn is key, but the approach to learning can also be a huge part of how well you do, or don’t, progress.

Group classes can be beneficial – many heads can often be better than just the one, and group discussions can help you get to the right answers quickly. But they can also be frustrating. Often you work at the pace of others without focussing on where you need the attention. And choosing to learn on your own can be the hardest – a lack of interaction and engagement with another person can easily sap your motivation and ultimately slow down your progress.

5 benefits of hiring a tutor:

1. Identifying weak spots – one-to-one tutoring enables you to quickly work out which areas of your learning need most work and where you should focus your attention. And a great tutor will work hard to remove any weak spots by employing techniques, revision and resources tailored to you.

2. Work at your own pace - you can work at a pace that helps you to progress but that suits you as an individual. You can focus on the skills that are most important to you, and revisiting key and complex areas as many times as you need to. You can study without the fear of falling behind.

3. Build your confidence – if you are struggling in class, your confidence and self-esteem can take a knock. Sometimes it’s hard to put up your hand or speak up in a group environment. Research shows that learning in a one-to-one environment - where there is no judgment - can significantly raise your self-confidence.

4. Correction – the benefit of an expert speaker who can correct you as an individual, particularly your pronunciation, is invaluable. A tutor can focus on the more complex grammar and concepts that may be challenging.

5. Connection – engagement with a tutor can be very rewarding on a personal level. A tutor can become a role model, a confident, a guide and in many cases, a friend. Establishing that connection makes learning a pleasure and will help you reach your goals.

If you’d like to take your language to the next level, and would benefit from a one-to-one approach, please get in touch at

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