Why is grammar so important when learning a language?

Updated: May 6

Grammar is the glue of all languages

My pupils know how passionate I am about grasping grammar! Grammar really is the glue of all languages. Phrases, vocabulary and conversation are key ingredients in language but it's the grammar that holds all those parts together and it’s absolutely essential to get a good grasp of grammar when learning a new language. You won’t be able to convey your ideas to their full extension without a good command of the underlying grammar patterns and structures of the language.

But let's not forget that grammar can be tricky to grasp, and takes effort to really embed the rules into your learning. So here are a few tips and tricks on how to improve your grammar and fluency.

1. Focus on short segments when tackling grammar

Six 10-minute sessions of grammar practice are better than one hour straight. We learn best by tackling our studies in short segments - language is learned by frequent repetition in short sessions. Take a look at this FluentU blog which explains that how we learn - most importantly how frequently we study and for how long - is just as important as what we are trying to learn.

2. Practise sentence structures with drills and exercises

Getting the order of the words incorrectly in a sentence can change the meaning of the sentence completely so it's important to get the rules and patterns right from the start. Do not be afraid of using grammar drills and patterns - and repeat them as often as you can. Look at exercises where you put a series of words into the correct order, or fill in the blanks.

3.Read a book you are familiar with in a foreign language

Fluency in language is what you are aiming for. Reading a book in a second language that you have read before in English, and better still that you absolutely love, can really help with building grammar skills. We have highlighted some of our favourites in our separate blog on this subject!

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