6 Useful Websites To Improve Your French Listening Skills for GCSE

Updated: May 6

There are plenty of fantastic resources out there to help you improve your listening skills in the run up to your exams. Here are 6 of my favourites that I think you'll gain a lot from, and have a great variety of subjects and media to choose from including music, short news, current affairs, and topic-related video clips.

1. 1 Jour 1 Actu

This is a useful news website with colourful short videos about many different current affairs topics.

2. Ilini

A great site that contains short news clips and songs, with beginner, intermediate and advanced options.

3. Audio Lingua

The site contains topic and level related clips, A1 for beginners and B1 for intermediate learners.

4. Coffee Break French

This site features short podcasts on many topics related to holidays, fruit, veg, food etc with French and English to set the scene.

5. Easy French

Here you can watch short videos on many topics such as talking about the past, breakfast. Look for the clips on the right hand side of the page.

6. Lyrics Training

This site features French songs with interactive gap filling activities with different levels of difficulty.

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