Tutoring ESL EFL
Young Learner EFL/ESL
General English EFL/ESL

As part of my TEFL training I covered the following modules;


Business English
  • Delivering Business English lessons

  • Culture in the Business World

  • Business English language

  • Formal/informal language rules

  • Promoting accuracy, effectiveness and fluency

  • Core communication skills

  • Tips for effective negotiations/presentations


Young Learners
  • How young learners learn and develop

  • Speaking and pronunciation

  • Activities for different age groups

  • Language learning activities eg songs, rhymes, chants, actions songs, finger plays

  • Stories

  • Theme-based lessons


General English
  • Grammar using real life situations or games (age/ability dependent)

  • Tenses

  • Auxiliary verbs

  • Modal verbs

  • Comparatives/superlatives

  • Conditionals

  • Phrasal verbs

  • Passive voice

  • Gerunds / Present participles

  • Infinitives

  • Vocabulary and functional language

  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening

  • Phonology and word stresses